Saturday, 19 March 2011

Daau Jwng Kumra Jwng

Daau Jwng Kumra Jwng 
(Chicken curry cooked with White gourd melon)

Some Bodo terminologies:
Daau: Chicken
Kumra: A variety of Gourd known as White Gourd Melon
Jwng: with

A very simple yet delicious Bodo dish. To cook this delicacy you need :

500g Chicken, diced. (pieces should be smaller than shown in the picture).

Kumra growing in my garden

A ripe kumra is used for this particular recipe.

2cups Kumra, chopped fine.

Paste of 1 big Onion, little Ginger, 12pods of Garlic. Green Chilly chopped.

A few Bay leaves, 1tsp turmeric, 1tsp powdered Cardamom+Cinnamon+Clove, Salt to taste, a bunch of Fresh Coriander chopped, 1tblsp oil.

Heat oil and fry Chicken with all the above ingredients, leaving aside only Fresh Coriander to be added at the end of cooking this dish. Keep cooking covered, in low heat, stirring occasionally. Remember, Chicken and the Kumra must be cooked, but without adding water. Cook till Chicken and Kumra are cooked. Check salt.

Sprinkle chopped Coriander and your Daau Jwng Kumra Jwng is all ready to be served with a plate of steaming hot rice.


  1. Very nice recipe. One of my favourites. In fact i had this in lunch today. The only alteration i do in the recipe is add white gourd after the water from the chicken has dried out completely. I feel that way the dish tastes better.

    1. Thank you so much Binita.
      Yes you are right, that is a better method of adding water.
      Do visit again with your suggestions.