Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Maasor Tenga

Maasor Tenga (fish in sour gravy)

Maasor Tenga Jool is one of the most popular and favourite delicacies of Assam. Its very simple to cook, with minimum ingredients yet very delicious and healthy. 
Maas: Fish
Tenga: Sour
Jool: Gravy
There are quite a few variations to this dish, to make a Tenga(Sour) curry, different souring agents are used, such as Bilahi(Tomato), Nemu tenga(Lemon), Owtenga( Elephant's Apple), Thekera(Mangosteen, Garcinia Mangostana) etc. I have chosen only Bilahi here for this recipe, although few pieces of Thekera tenga too can be added to Bilahi while cooking Maasor tenga jool, to add that extra taste.

To cook Maas tenga you need: Fish, Tomato, Mustard seed, Salt, Turmeric, Mustard oil, Green Chilly(optional), Fresh Coriander(optional).

 Any fish can be used for this recipe, I have used fresh Bhangon fish(Mullet Marine)

3Bhangon fishes, clean and marinate with little Turmeric and 1tsp Salt, leave for 15minutes. Heat oil, fry fish till golden but not fully cooked, keep aside.

3Bilahi, skinned and chopped.

1/2tsp Mustard seed.

A bunch of fresh Coriander and Green Chilly. These two ingredients are optional as many believe Tenga Jool should be pure in colour and without any spice. Chilly therefore is added whole in this curry.

 1tblsp Mustard oil for the curry and 3 tblsps to fry the fish.

Salt to taste, Turmeric 1 to 2 tsp.

Heat oil .....

...put in the Mustard seed, cover with a lid immediately and let the seeds splutter.

Add Tomatoes, whole Chilly, Salt, Turmeric and stir well .....

..... till it turns like above ....

... pour 2cups of warm water, stir and let come to a boil....

..... drop the fishes and cook covered till fish is cooked. Gravy should not be too thick, add little more warm water if needed. Add chopped fresh Coriander(optional).

Maasor Tenga is ready to be served with a plate of steaming hot rice.


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