Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oma Gwran Jwng Aloo Jwng

Oma Gwran Jwng Aloo Jwng is a delicious preparation of pork with potato.

A few Bodo terminologies:
1.Oma: pork
2.Gwran: smoked/dry
3.Jwng: with
4.Aloo: potato
5.Ingkhree: curry
To cook this Bodo delicacy, you need :

500gm Oma Gwran, washed in warm water. Pork is cut into bite size pieces and kept on a big sieve made of bamboo which is suspended at a height over fire. The pieces are turned and stirred occasionally so that they are not burnt but turn golden brown like the picture above.

4 or 5 Potatoes, peeled and washed. Keep them whole if small, halve if big.

Paste of 2 onions+10 pods garlic+little ginger
Chopped green chilly to taste.

2 tsp level turmeric, salt to taste, 3 bay leaves, chopped fresh coriander.
2 tsp powdered cardamom+cinnamon+clove

3 tbsp mustard oil

Heat oil, fry all ingredients leaving aside potato, oma gwran and coriander for a few minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients leaving coriander for garnishing. Stir fry a little and cook in a pressure cooker adding 2 to 3 cups water. 

When cooked, take out onto a pan and cook a little to make the gravy thick and check salt.

Delicious Oma Gwran Ingkhree is ready to be served with rice garnished with fresh coriander.


  1. thanks for the Oma Gwran recipe. today i will be the lord of my kitchen. good luck on ur blog posts.

    1. How did the Lord's day in kitchen go? Hope the dish turned out well?
      Try a few more from here and let me know how did the Lord fare :)
      Thanks a lot.

  2. Cooking this right now, will let you know how it was

  3. Ow wow great!!! :)) Waiting ... send me a picture too