Saturday, 1 June 2013

Kathali Chapa / Kordoi

This is a delicious Assamese sweetmeat. Some call it Kathali Chapa(Champa) yet, others call it Kordoi. 

Kathali Chapa
Pic courtesy: internet

                                                                                         Kanak Chapa 
                                                                                  pic courtesy : Sudhin Dutt

                                                                                            Kathali Chapa 
                                                                                    pic courtesy : Sudhin Dutt

No wonder it is called so as the sweetmeat is made exactly like the flower 'Kathali Chapa'. 

Pic courtesy: internet

It is also called Kordoi as it looks like the Starfruit, known as Kordoi in Assamese.
It is popularly known as Elo-Jhelo too. 

Ingredients : Makes 26 Kathali Chapas 
                             For the dough :
                           1. flour 250 g
                           2. refine oil 4 tbsp
                             For sugar syrup :
                           1. sugar 1 and half cup
                           2. water 3 cups
                             For frying :
                           1. refine oil 400 ml

Method :
             Knead flour and refine oil well. Add water, little at a time and knead till the dough turns soft. Make small portions, roll out like puri. With a pointed knife cut the sides and make long slits like the above picture. Take the puri and press the top and bottom with your fingers. 
Heat oil and deep fry the Kathali Chapas, 2 or 3 at a time in low/medium heat. 
Boil sugar and water for the syrup. Keep stirring it, occasionally removing the scum that forms on top. The syrup should neither be too watery nor too sticky. 
Put in 3 or 4 Kathali Chapas at a time in the sugar syrup turn several times and remove. 
While doing this after several batches the water dries up from the sugar syrup. Put some water, stir and heat for some time till you get the same consistency again. 

Delicious and beautiful Kathali Chapas are ready to serve with a cup of tea. 
They can be stored for several days. 


  1. We have variant of this in our parts except instead of slicing into long rectangles,they make in shapes like (rhombus) slanted paralellograms of say of 1x3/4 inches .The method is same except that elaichi may be added.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I think but for a little variations we all make similar kind of stuff.
      Nice to know this, thanks again for sharing...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, yes, tastes great too ...