Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Chicken Pepper Soup

It is great to be down with fever and cold when Sonny dear is home to take care and cook Momma hot bowls of Chicken Pepper Soup. It is so very tasty and wonderfully therapeutic. Here is how Ron my son made this soup for me.

1. Chicken (lean) 250gm, diced
2. Peppercorn 2 tbsps, crushed rough (do not use powder) 
3. Onion 2, halved
4. Garlic 1, halved
5. Ginger 1 big piece 
6. Mushroom 5, halved
7. Carrot 2, halved lengthwise
8. Fresh Coriander 1 tiny bunch
9. Salt to taste
10. Oil or Butter 2 tsp
11. Water 3 glasses 

Put all the ingredients in a pot leaving aside Oil/Butter and cook covered over medium heat for about 20 minutes. Can be pressure cooked. 
Extract the meat from the bones of the Chicken pieces and keep aside.
Take out some onion from the soup, chop and keep aside to fry.
Starin the soup and keep in a pot. 
Heat Butter/Oil, fry onion and the chicken that was kept aside. Pour this in the soup. 
Chicken Pepper Soup is ready eat. 

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