Thursday, 22 February 2018

Black Rice Kheer

Black Rice, also known as Purple Rice, called Chak-Hao in Manipur. Although cultivated in the other parts of North East India too now, this rice is mainly cultivated in Manipur.
Black Rice is best eaten as dessert. This Kheer is very tasty and easy to make.

Serves 8
1. Black Rice 3 fistful
2. Milk 2 litres
3. Sugar 7 (level) tbsps
4. 3 Bayleaves
5. Raisins a few
6. Cashew nuts a few
7. Cardamom a few

Soak rice overnight. Cook rice in milk on low heat, stirring frequently.
Add bay leaves, raisins, cashew nuts and seeds of cardamom.
Cook for about an hour till the rice is cooked well.
Add sugar, stir well and cook again on low flame.
Take out a few spoonful of of this rice to a plate, mash and put it back to the kheer. This will make the kheer thick and creamy.
The kheer is ready when the milk thickens. Let it cool before serving.

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