Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bhapot Diya Iilis Maas

Assamese Cuisine is incomplete without this delicacy. 'Bhapot Diya' means to cook in steam, 'Iilis Maas'  is Hilsa fish.

 Steamed Hilsa is very easy to cook yet divinely delicious. 
To cook Bhapot Diya Iilis Maas, you need :

Iilis Maas (Hilsa Fish)

6 or 7pieces of Iilis Maas, washed and pat dried.

  3tsps level yellow mustard seed, ground to a smooth paste with little water.
1/2 Onion, ground to a smooth paste.
5or 6 pods of Garlic, ground to a smooth paste.
3or 4 Green Chilly, slit length wise.

1 and 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder. 
2 tsp level salt.

3 to 4 tblsps Mustard Oil. Usually for this recipe, mustard oil is added without prior heating, it exudes a strong oily aroma, which is very appetizing and much loved by the Assamese. Oil can be heated and cooled before adding, in case you find the smell of raw oil too strong.

Mix all the ingredients well till it turns very smooth, leaving aside Iilis Maas.

Smear the pieces of Iilis well with the batter of all the mixed ingredients.

Steam the Iilis in a steamer.

Cover and steam for 20 to 25 minutes. You can also steam in a pressure cooker.

Bhapot Diya Iilis is ready to be served with a steaming hot plate of Joha rice ( a small grained rice with a  lingering aroma, a favorite of the Assamese).



  1. Photu dekhilei jibhar pani poru poru hoi....... can i know some tasty recipe on "Ou tenga" also-veg and well as non-veg(fish) plzzzz. Thanks in advance.

    1. :) Thanks Pranoy Jyoti. Will sure post more. In fact, sent quite a few fish recipes to the website "Its my northeast", you can check there after they update the site.
      Do keep visiting this space.

  2. Ruprekha,

    You keep on showing such tempting dishes. I have taken fish with only center bone. Can I have this one or is it full of bones?

    Take care

    1. :) This particular fish is full of bones, but very tasty. I would suggest, steam for an hour to soften the bones. The bones become very soft and you can eat without worry.
      Thank you so much for visiting.

  3. Assamese delicacies are so different from the rest

    1. Yes Onkar, they are and healthy too.
      Thanks for visiting.

  4. very nicely done with the steps of cooking this dish, its one of my all time fav.

    1. Thank you so much TAMMY, for stopping by and for these lovely words of appreciation. I'm so glad you liked it.

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