Sunday 17 April 2011

Jolpaan(1.Sira-Doi, 2.Bora Saool, 3.Xandoh)

Jolpaan: A snack, breakfast or a mini meal.
             Assamese Cuisine has several delicious, healthy and filling Jolpaans to offer.

The most popular is the Doi-Sira or Sira-Cream with Goor.

Sira: Rice is beaten and flattened into flakes to make Sira. It can be eaten dry or washed and soaked to make it soft. For Jolpaan, Sira is washed and sometimes even soaked for a few minutes.

Doi: Curd.

Goor: Jaggery.


Sira-Doi Jolpaan is generally served in a "Kanhor Baan Bati", a bowl made of Bell Metal, a traditional craft of Assam. Although served in weddings and other occasions too,  Bihu, the main festivals of Assam are incomplete without this Jolpaan.

Sira-Doi or Cream-Goor Jolpaan is ready to be served.
Another very delicious Assamese Jolpaan is Bora Saool.

Bora Saool: A variety of rice which becomes sticky when cooked.
This Jolpaan is served with either Milk, Curd or Cream and Goor(Jaggery).

Bora Saool can be cooked plain with water like any other rice or follow this simple recipe for Jolpaan. 
1cup Bora Saool washed and soaked for a few hours. Can be soaked over night.

Heat 1tblsp Ghee ......

...... fry Bora Saool for a few minutes adding a dash of salt on a low flame.

Add a few green cardamoms and a piece of cinnamon to enrich the flavour. 

Pour little water and cook covered. Stir occasionally pouring more water. Do this several times till the rice is cooked. 

Bora saool can be cooked in a pressure cooker too to save time and energy. The rice need no soaking if cooked in a pressure cooker. After frying add just enough water in the cooker body to cover the rice. Close lid and cook for a few minutes. 

The jolpaan's colour turns out different depending on the colour of the Bora saool. 

Jolpaan of Bora Saool is ready to serve.

Tastes divinely delicious if served with fresh Cream and a dash of Goor.
Xandoh is a very tasty and healthy Assamese Jolpaan

To make Xandohguri: Wash Usna rice(boiled rice) and spread and let dry for an hour. Roast for some time on a medium heat, keep stirring till it's a pale brown in colour and a nice aroma fills your nostrils. 
Let it cool spreading out. Grind to a coarse powder and store in air tight container. Can be stored upto a month. 
Xandohguri is served with Milk, Jaggery and Banana.


  1. Another famous Assamese Jolpaan is Komal-saool with doi and Goor.

    1. Yes, planning to add that too.
      Thank you so much for the suggestion and for visiting my space.