Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gheela Pitha

Gheela, the name comes from the seed of the Bhaat Gheela tree. This Pitha looks exactly like the seed of this tree which is called gheela, hence, the name Gheela Pitha. I remember, it was believed by my Aaita (Grand Mom) and my Aaju Aaita(Great Grand Mom), that if an old man choked while having meal, few pats by gheela at the back would relieve him/her instantly. No wonder there would always be a pod of gheela hanging from the kitchen wall of my Aaju Aaita's kitchen in Jorhat, a beautiful place of the upper region of Assam. As a young girl, this little fact would fascinate me immensely.  
It is a very common and popular Pitha of Assam. Very easy to make and absolutely tasty.

Assamese terminologies: 
1. Pitha : a kind of snack of which, rice powder is the main ingredient. There are a varieties of pithas, both sweet and savory. 
2. Saool : rice.
3. Bora Saool : a variety of rice, which turns sticky when cooked. 
4. Goor : Jaggery
To make around 25 Gheela Pithas you need :

1/2 kg Bora Saool

3tblsps Goor

 250ml Mustard oil
Salt 1 tsp level and 1/2 cup water.
           Method : 
Wash Bora Saool, drain and spread to dry for an hour. Do not soak.

 Grind Bora Saool to a fine Powder.

Grate Goor, mix with water and strain.....

...pour this out to the Bora Saool powder and knead well.

 The dough for Gheela Pitha is ready. If you want your Gheela Pitha savory, then replace Goor for little salt while kneading. Both taste great, but the one with Goor looks better for the bright brown colour.

 Take little of the dough and make a round shape like the gheela ......

 ...and fry in medium heat turning gently till golden brown on both sides. This Pitha can be both deep as well as shallow fried.

Gheela Pitha is ready to eat. Although this Pitha can be stored for a few days, tastes best piping hot. 


  1. We call it "Arissa Pitha" in Odiya.This is a mouth watering item for me.

    1. Yes it is mouthwatering indeed :)
      Thanks for checking Prataprudra.

  2. instead of boora saul can i use anything else??

    1. Thanks for dropping by Sushmita.
      No, any other rice is not used to make this Pitha, because then it would not be Gheela Pitha. This particular rice makes the pitha little sticky, giving it a unique taste.
      Other variety of rice is used in making Tel Pitha. Do check this link for Tel Pitha: