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This 'Pitha' is a popular snack of the people of the North Eastern part of India, a favourite Pitha of the Bodos. It is very easy to make, healthy as well as a filling pitha.

Few Bodo terminologies :
1.Pitha : A snack, rice powder is the main ingredient. Pithas are of quite a few variety, both sweet and savory.
2.Jwsa Mairong : A variety of tiny grained rice with a delicious aroma.
3.Methai : Jaggery
4.Sibing : Sesame seed
5.On : Rice powder

To make 7 to 8 pithas you need only three ingredients:

Jwsa Mairong

1.Freshly ground 'on' of 850gm Jwsa Mairong. Before grinding, wash mairong and keep for an hour so that  the water drains out.
Any other variety of rice can be used.

2.Sibing 2 cups.

3.Methai 1/2 cup or to taste.

To make this Pitha, you need a pitcher or a kettle, a small bowl to shape the pitha, the size of which should be that of the mouth of the pitcher and 2 soft damp napkins.
Rinse sibing thoroughly ...
...rub with hand while wet and let dry ...most of the skin will fall off....

  Grind sibing, but not fine. Mix methai with sibing. Both the ingredients can be used separately layering the pitha.

Boil water in the pitcher.

The most important part of making this pitha is to prepare the 'on'. Add little water and knead well, too much water will spoil the pitha by making it sticky. It should remain powdery but some amount of water must be fed to it. Sieve it through a steel strainer so that no lumps remain.

Place a damp napkin on the bowl, spread 'on'-sibing-methai in layers, top layer being 'on' again. Press with your hand. The pitha will take the shape of the small bowl.

Wrap this with the napkin, hold both edges and lift up from the bowl.

Place it on the mouth of the pitcher.....

...and cover with the lid. The pitha will be cooked by the steam of the boiling water in the pitcher. Steam only for 3 to 4 minutes.

Delicious pitha is ready. Serve piping hot with a cup of tea.

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  1. "Freshly Ground" could be specified more as freshly mortared.. If done in mixer the particles are too fine & surface area increases and water requirement increases which if not sufficient makes the PItha soft only for a minute or two.. After that its not edibly soft.. Either way sesame pitha ought to be hard after 20 min.. But the coconut layered ones are very soft for hours either u put it in hotcase or keep open.. Anyways both are good.. Really like your blog.. Thanks