Saturday, 14 May 2011

Maas aru Noroxinghor Jool

"Maas aru Noroxinghor Jool" Fish curry with Curry leaves.
This dish is regarded as a healthy one in Assam and loved by all.
Noroxingho Gos: Curry tree, botanical name is Murraya koenigii.
Noroxinghor paat: Curry leaves. These aromatic leaves are widely used in Indian cuisine and in ayurvedic medicines as a herb. While other parts of the country use small amount of Curry leaves as spice, in Assamese cuisine it is used to make a whole curry crushing the leaves.
A few Assamese terminologies:
1. Maas: Fish
2. Jool: Curry or gravy
3. Aru: And
4. Paat: Leaf
To cook 4 portions of this Assamese delicacy, you need:
250gm Maas. Any fish can be used, I have chosen Puthi maas(Ticto barb).
150gm fresh tender Noroxinghor paat.
10pods of Garlic, crushed coarsely.
2 to 3 dry whole red Chilly.
1tsp whole Peppercorn
2tsps Turmeric powder.
Salt to taste
1tblsp Mustard oil for curry and 1/2 cup for frying fish.
Wash and smear fish with salt and turmeric powder, leave for 15 minutes.
Wash Noroxinghor paat, grind with a cup of water to a smooth paste.
Fry fish
Heat oil and saute`garlic, chilly and peppercorn.
Put in the Noroxingho paste, salt, turmeric powder and stir well. Keep cooking stirring all the while for 5minutes.
Pour 2 cups of warm water and stir well. 
Drop the fried fishes and cook covered stirring occasionally. Add more water if necessary. The gravy should not be thick. Its done once the fish is cooked.
Maas aru Noroxinghor jool is ready, serve with a steaming hot plate of rice.

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