Thursday, 9 June 2011

Maasor Petu bhaji

A delicacy that is loved by the Assamese, very simple to prepare yet tastes superb.
Ingredients :
1. petu(intestine) of a Rahu(Carp) or any big fish. Clean by throwing out the dirt, pitt(bile duct) and wash. Make sure the pitt is not torn while removing as it makes the petu bitter.
2. 1 onion chopped length wise
3. 1 chilly slit length wise
4. fresh coriander chopped(optional)
5. 1tsp turmeric
6. salt to taste
7. 1tbsp mustard oil
8. 1 small bowl of cooked rice
Method :
Heat oil and put in maasor petu, onion and chilly, fry ....
......add salt and turmeric, stir well, cook covered in moderate heat.
Do not add water. Cook stirring occasionally till maasor petu is cooked.
Add rice, stir well ....
 .... fry for a few minutes, add coriander(optional) ....
...delicious maasor petu bhaji is ready. 

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