Sunday, 19 June 2011

Maitha Jwng Naa Jwng

Maitha is one of the favourite vegetables of the Bodos, you will find Maitha in every garden. This delicacy is great during the summer months.

Some Bodo terminologies:
1.Naa : fish
2.Naa Thengna : Stripped Dwarf Cat Fish(English), Xingora(Assamese), Mystus Vittatus(Scientific  name) 
2.Jwng : with
3.Maitha : Roselle(English), Tenga mora(Assamese), Hibiscus sabdariffa(botanical), a leafy vegetable, tastes sour, nutritious and favourite of the Bodos.
Ingredients to cook Maitha Jwng Naa Jwng :

250g fish clean, wash and pat dry. Any fish can be taken to cook this delicacy. For this recipe I have used Naa Thengna.

A bunch of fresh Maitha, cleaned, do not cut.

A few pods of garlic crushed, a chilly slit lengthwise.

1tsp turmeric for the curry and 1tsp for fish. Salt to taste

1tbsp mustard oil for the curry, 6tbsp for frying fish.

Coat fish with salt and turmeric, keep for 15minutes and fry.

Heat oil, saute garlic and chilly for a few minutes.

Put in Maitha, salt, turmeric and stir well for a few more minutes.

Pour 2 cups water and simmer for 2minutes.

Drop the fried fish, cook covered in medium heat till fish is cooked. 

Maitha Jwng Naa Jwng is ready, serve with a steaming plate of rice. 


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  2. People hardly know about such traditional recipes...

    I just love it

  3. People hardly know about such tradition recipes...

    I just love it