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Thadoon Jwng Naa Jwng

Thadoon Jwng Naa Jwng (Curry of fish and root of colocasia)

Bodos love non vegetarian food, so much so that most of the vegetables are cooked either with meat or fish. This dish is one of their most popular and favourite.
Like the rest of North-East, Bodos too eat each part of a colocasia plant. While the root is called Thadoon, tender leaves are called Thaso Bitroi, shoots are called Thaso Aathing and the body is called Thaso Bisong. 
A few Bodo terminologies:
1.Thadoon : root of colocasia. All parts of colocasia is eaten in the North Eastern part of India, there are a variety of delicious dishes. You can check  colocasia leaves recipe.  
2.Jwng : with
3.Naa : fish
4.Ingkhree : curry 

                       Ingredients :

 1.   250g Thadoon

  Peel, halve and wash thadoon.

2. 6 pieces Rahu(Curp) fish. Cut, clean, wash and pat dry. Any fresh fish can be used.

 3. Paste of : 1 onion + 10 pods of garlic
                                                     4. Chopped or slit chilly, to taste.

                                                  5. 2 tsp turmeric
                                                                            6. Salt to taste.

 7. 1 tbsp mustard oil for the curry and 1/3 cup for frying fish.
                            Method :

Smear the pieces of fish with salt-turmeric and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. 
Fry and keep aside.

 Heat oil, fry paste and chilly for a few minutes. 

Add thadoon, salt, turmeric and stir fry for a few more minutes. 

Pour two cups of warm water, cover and cook on low heat till thadoon is tender, stirring occasionally.

Drop the fried pieces of fish and cook again adding little more water. 

Delicious thadoon ingkhree is ready to serve when fish is cooked and the gravy thickens. 
Serve with a steaming plate of rice. 

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