Friday, 8 July 2011

Kruger Museum, Pretoria, South Africa

One of the must visits when you are at Pretoria, South Africa, is the Kruger Museum. The museum consists of the original house, two display halls and Paul Kruger's State Railway Coach. The South African Government purchased the entire property and restored it, leaving it open for public in 1934 and declared a National Monument in 1937.
The Kruger Museum, the home of Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger, President of the old 'Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek' (ZAR), who lived here with his family during the last sixteen years of the 19th century.
His family joined the Voortrekkers in 1836 settling down near Rustenburg where he was granted the farm 'Waterkloof'. He took a leading role in the war against Britain when Voortrekker state known as the Boer republic was annexed by the British. Soon at the age of 57 Kruger was elected President and took up residence at Kruger House in Pretoria. 
The dining room where President Kruger gave thanks to God and prayed for his nation and family before every meal.
Mrs Kruger did lot of sewing, her sewing boxes as well as her other sewing works are on display too. The large mahogany wardrobes, safe and other furniture are beautiful. 
 Loved the pantry and the kitchen, objects of enamel and porcelain ware and other household utensils from the period can be seen here.
Mrs Kruger supervised the kitchen and housework until the end of her life. 
The Museum bears witness to the forceful personality of the man Kruger. The Zar Hall, where personal possessions from his youth as well as the State coach and the ox-wagon are exhibited gives a historical overview of the political career of Kruger. Numerous tributes and tokens of sympathy bestowed on President Kruger indicate the international support for the Boers' struggle for independence during the Anglo-Boer War from 1899 to 1902.

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