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Ondla Jwng Khangkhrai Jwng

Ondla Jwng Khangkhrai Jwng ( Curry made of Crab and Rice powder)

Bodos love catching crabs as much as eating them.
A few Bodo terminologies :
1. Khangkhrai : crab
2. Jwng : with
3. Ingkhree : curry with gravy
4. Ondla : a curry made of ground rice, a favourite of the Bodos, mainly cooked with either fish or meat.
5. Khaari : alkali, procedure of making : sun dry banana peels and trunks and burn to collect the ash. Then pour water on the ash, keep over night, strain and store the clear brown liquid to use in curries. This is very common and used in a variety of dishes all over the north eastern region of India.

To cook this delicacy you need :

                                                                                            Khangkhrai Alari

                    700g khangkhrai. I have used a variety known as Khangkhrai Alari, which is very tasty.

2tbsp mustard oil
                                                                           2 green chillies
                                                                           paste of 1 onion
                                                                           paste of 4 cloves of garlic
                                                                           1tsp turmeric
                                                                            salt to taste

paste of half of a cup of rice. Soak rice for half an hour and make a fine paste with water.
Generally in Bodo indigenous cooking rice powder is used to cook ondla. But for those who are not an expert in stirring while cooking, the curry turns lumpy. I have used a paste of rice with water which is a much easier way, giving a fine consistency to the curry.

Method of cleaning :

                                                                 Wash well, break the shell in half

                                                    Scoop the crab meat and fat out and discard the shells.

                                                                  The washed and cleaned crab meat

                                                                              The fat of crab

Method of cooking :

                                                                                       Heat oil ....

                                            ...... put in paste of onion, garlic, chilly and fry for a few minutes

 .... add the crab meat, salt, turmeric and stir fry for a few more minutes. Add the fat and fry for a few minutes
                                                                Add water, cover and cook till tender.

                                               Pour the rice paste and stir well so that no lump is formed.

                       Add khaari and stir well. Check salt. Gravy should neither be too thick nor very watery.

                  Ondla ingkhree with khangkhrai is ready. Serve garnishing with chopped fresh coriander
Khangkhrai Jwng Maitha Jwng 
Khangkhrai Bathwn 
are two delicious indigenous recipes you can check here. 


  1. Khulumbai!!!! Really nice recipe.......

  2. Ruprekha,

    Looks tempting but I turned vegetarian in 1995.

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  3. Nice recipe with good illustrations.

  4. Looks labor-intensive and I doubt I could get some of the ingredients here in Hawaii. But, the crab curry looks so delicious; I want some! LOL. I thought you can't get seafood where you live.

  5. hmmmm I am not a fan of sea food .. so will give this a miss :)

    so when you cooking some chicken or mutton or lamb


  6. Must be delicacy. I am a vegetarian, so, I remain quiet.

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  8. @ gigihawaii : Yes this curry is delicious and although looks labor-intensive, actually not really. May be my elaboration makes you feel so :)
    We do get river crabs here, but always miss sea food, especially from your posts.

  9. @ Bikramjit : Sure, will post some chicken recipes later. But these are river crabs, I love sea food and miss as we don't get here.

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