Thursday, 11 April 2013


Nimki is a favourite tea time savoury of the Assamese. No much of time or effort is required to fry them. Can be stored for more than a week. 
To make 22 Nimkis you need : 
Ingredients : (for the dough)
1. Flour : 250 gms
2. Refine oil : 4 tblsps
3. Salt : 1/4 of a tsp
4. Kala Jeera (Black Cumin) : a pinch 
5. Water : half a cup (approx)
Ingredient : (for frying)
6. Refine oil : 250 ml

Method : 
1. Knead well adding little water at a time, so that the dough doesn't get sticky. 
2. Make 22 equal sized portions out of the dough, roll into balls with hand. 
3. Roll out like a puri, fold in the middle once and again fold like folding a handkerchief. 
4. Press the corner so that the folds do not come off. 
5. Roll out the Nimki a little again. 
6. Prick the Nimki a few times with a knife like the above picture. This holds the Nimki back from puffing up like a puri.

7. Heat oil and deep fry the Nimkis in medium heat. Oil should be hot before putting the Nimki, but reduce the flame to medium while frying.

8. Fry till the desired colour is found. Some like it deep golden, I prefer little pale.

Soft yet crunchy delicious Nimki is ready to serve with a cup of Assam tea. 


  1. We also make similar kind of namkin, it goes s well with garama garam chai. Nice looking Namkins.

  2. The pictures make one drool.As Rama put it, it goes well with nicely made tea.
    I hope you are back after the vacation.

  3. oh yum, I'm getting hungry! Can I come over?!?! :-)

  4. You have reminded me of the nimkis that I was so fond of


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  6. My favorite:) Very delicious looks!!

  7. Nimki looks delicious and simple to prepare, will try it sometime!! :) Nice description of the method of preparation with photos!! :) Cheers!! :)

  8. I presume this is similar to the namkin that is made in other parts of India (looks also the same)
    Yes good to have with tea.
    Nice photographs.