Thursday, 30 April 2015

Triangle Paratha/Parota

A soft and delicious Paratha/Parota. Can be served with any curry but my family's favourite is with mutton curry 

Ingredients : (Makes 10 Parotas)

1. 5 cups Maida/Flour (the cup I use for measuring is a little smaller than the usual tea cup)
2. 2 tsp Ghee
3. 1/2 tsp (level) Salt
4. 1 tsp Sugar
5. Water to knead
6. Ghee to fry 

Method : 

Mix the ingredients from 1. to 4. Once mixed well, add water, a little at a time and knead well. Knead till it is very soft. 
Make 10 equal portions. Take one portion, flatten between your palms and roll out like roti, but very thin. Take half a tsp of Ghee and spread over the rolled out roti like the above picture. Sprinkle Maida over it and fold into half. 

Spread Ghee on this folded roti now, sprinkle Maida and fold again. It will look like the above picture. 

Roll it out again, but carefully this time so that the layers/folds remain, triangle shape is good, yet rolled out properly like the above picture. Make the rest of the Parotas this way. 
Put a tsp of Ghee on tawa, fry Paratha on medium heat. 

Serve hot with any curry, preferably mutton.... Love the taste but more than eating, I love to make this Paronta and serve.