Thursday, 25 January 2018

Puroi Xaakor Bor

Puroi Xaakor Bor
(Fritters of Malabar Spinach)

Common name: Malabar Spinach
Assamese name: Puroi Xaak
Bodo name: Mwiphrai
Bangla name: Pui Shaag

There are two types of Puroi Xaak, Green and Red. For these Fritters I am using the Green Malabar Spinach. Red Malabar Spinach too can be used.

1. Puroi Xaak, chopped fine
2. Besan
3. Salt
4. Green chilli, chopped
5. Water, few drops
6. Oil to fry

Mix the ingredients well, leaving aside oil.
Add just a few drops of water if necessary as water content of Puroi xaak is very high. 
Deep fry in oil and serve hot.
A very tasty fritter.

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