Sunday, 24 May 2020

The Little Fairies of My Garden

Spring does bring in prettiness and charm to my garden in the form of these pretty blooms.
I call them my Little Fairies as they actually look like Fairies in their white flowing gowns, swaying over my garden. I regard them as the protective charms of my garden.  

This beautiful Orchid is commonly known by three names, the Fragrant Fox Brush Orchid, Fragrant Aerides and Fragrant Cat's-Tail.
In Assamese too it has several names. It is called Ganesh Kopow (গনেশ কপৌ) as each tiny floret on the stalk looks like the head of Lord Ganesh. At some places it is also known as the Bhatou Thutiya Kopow (ভাটৌ ঠুটীয়া কপৌ) as the florets look like the beak of a Parrot. 
Since it blooms in the Assamese month of Jeth (জেঠ মাহ), it is also called the Jethuwa Kopow (জেঠুৱা কপৌ).
Scientific name being Aerides odorata.

                       It’s been probably two decades now since these Orchids are blooming in my                                                                          garden. 

I had collected and brought two small plants of this variety from Jorhat and grown one plant of this Orchid on the trunks of each of the two Indian Rosewood Trees (Sisoo/Sheesham) alongside the main entrance of our home. 

Over the years they multiplied really well; hence, I had taken a small plant out and grown on the Neem Tree. 

Today Aerides odorata is flourishing on the Neem Tree too. 

Flowering starts from around second week of May and lasts till first week of June. The luxurious blooms hanging from the trees look like wedding decorations, particularly by night.

Growing Orchid is very easy. They do not need any care particularly the local varieties. 

I hope and pray that my Orchids grow well, flourish and live long to tell these tales to my grand and great grand children some day ...

Oh what a splendid sight it is to watch them hanging from the tree trunks on a Moonlit night …