Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kothalor Aanja

Kothal (Jackfruit) Aanja (curry)
Kothal is eaten as a fruit when ripe and as vegetable while tender. For this recipe use a kothal which is very tender. 

1 small, around 500 to 7oo gms, very tender Kothal.

Peel and cut Kothal into big pieces.

Make a paste of 2 big Onions + little Ginger + 12pods of Garlic. 
A few Green Whole Chillies.
A few Bay leaves. 

1 tsp Chilly powder.

4 tbsp Mustard oil.

Julienne of 1 big Onion 

1tsp Turmeric. Salt to taste. 1tsp Garam masala powder(powdered Cinnamon + Cardamom + Clove). A few whole Cardamoms. 1 tsp each powdered Jeera and Dhania

Cook (blanch) Kothal pieces with little water. Strain, add Salt and Turmeric. Can be cooked in a steamer without adding water. Keep aside.

Heat oil fry kothal till little golden, keep aside.
Heat oil, fry all the ingredients for a while, leaving aside Kothal.

Add Kothal and fry for some time. Now add water, cover, cook and keep stirring in between on a low heat till done. 
This Assamese Delicacy tastes superb, can be served with rice, roti or loochi (pooris).

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