Saturday, 26 March 2011

Koldil Aru Murgi Mangxo

It's a favourite dish of the Assamese.
Some Assamese terminologies:
Koldil : Banana flower
Murgi Mangxo : Chicken
Aru : and
Masala : Spice
To cook this Assamese Delicacy, you need :
1 Koldil.
The above picture is of a Koldil. Keep taking off the layers, each layer will have some long thin flowers as shown in the picture.
 Take off the hard long stamens from each flower.Go on removing the layers this way until you find the very tender white portion, chop it very fine along with the flowers.
Fill a big bowl with cold water and rinse the chopped Koldil thoroughly. Do it 3 times. Keep aside and
 prepare the other ingredients.
400gms Chicken.
Paste of 2 Onions + little Ginger + 12pods of Garlic.
A few Green whole Chillies.
A few Bay leaves.
Julienne of 1 Onion.
1 tsp Turmeric. Salt, to taste.
1 heap tblsp of masala powder.Grind (dry) together : Caraway seeds(Shahjeera) + Coriander seeds(Dhania) + Tymol seeds(Ajwain) + Aniseed(Saunf) + Fenugreek seeds(Methi) + Cardamom(Elaichi) + Cinnamon(Dalchini) + Clove(Laung). 
This powder can be stored for months in an air tight jar to keep using in a variety of dishes.
 Chilly powder, to taste.
 3 tblsps Mustard oil.
Heat oil, fry all the ingredients leaving aside the powdered masala(spice), Chicken and Koldil.When half done put in the Chicken along with the powdered masala.
  Stir well and cook covered in low heat. 
When Chicken is half cooked add Koldil, stir well and cook covered in low heat. Remember not to add water.
 Chicken and Koldil can be added together.
Koldilor logot Murgi mangxo is ready.
Serve with rice, roti or luchi(puris).

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