Saturday, 19 March 2011



A favourite breakfast or mini meal of the Bodos, very simple, tasty, filling and easy to make.
To cook Sowrai you need :

1cup Maibra (Sticky rice), washed and soaked for a few hours. Can be soaked over night. 1tblsp Oil, original recipe is fried in oil, but can be replaced by 1tblsp Ghee. 

A few cardamom (optional)
A few pieces of cinnamon (optional)
A few bay leaves (optional)
Salt to taste.

Heat ghee and saute Maibra in a moderate flame.

Add salt and cook covered. 
Pour little water occasionally, stir well and again cook covered till Maibra is cooked.

Sowrai can be cooked in a pressure cooker too to save time and energy. The rice need not be soaked if cooked in a pressure cooker. After frying the rice, just add enough water in the cooker body to cover the rice. Cover lid and cook for a few minutes. 

Sowrai is ready. Sticky rice is called Maibra but this dish is called Sowrai.

Sowrai tastes divine if eaten with little fresh cream ......

.....and a dash of Methai(Jaggery).

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