Thursday, 15 December 2011

Poem : Pretty Petunia

                                                                                         Pretty Petunia               
 Hello pretty dainty
How do you do..?
Pink, white, mauve and lovely blue..!
You steal my heart
You take away my gloom,
With all your tender sweetness and hue.

Tiniest of tiny
Frozen was thee..
Gently did I lay you, for survival and glee..!
With a handful of care
And all my prayer,
In the bosom of earth, you did thrive and cheer.

Aspiration was it
That made me glow..?
Stealthily yet steadily my dear sapling grew..!
Swaying in the breeze
With soft firm steps,
Into a lady you turn now with alluring grace.

Spread of colour
Mystify you my sweetie..
How perfectly pretty a sight you've turned dear beauty..!
Is this charming sonata
In all fairness a reality..?
You, my Petunia, are the exquisitely glorious entity.

To see more flowers do visit my garden : Magnolia                                                                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                          Ruprekha Mushahary


  1. why does this poem feel as if it were a description of yourself? I feel this poem describes you the best.

  2. I envy you Pretty Petunia for the love and care you are blessed with......

  3. @ Pom :
    :) thanks for visiting ...

  4. @ anupam :
    Petunias deserve all the love as the amount of happiness and joy they shower on you is unparalleled.
    Thanks a lot ....

  5. Ruprekha,

    Love for gardening and flowers penned so well.

    Take care

  6. @ Jack :
    Thank you so much Jack.

  7. Glorious colorful petunias.From your own wonderful garden I presume.And what a beautiful poem !

  8. @ R.Ramakrishnan :
    Thank you so much.
    Yes, they are. Their spread of colour not only brighten up my garden but brings joy to to anyone who sees them.

  9. What bright and colorful flowers. So pretty just like your poem!! Brings a smile on the face and the worries are wiped off seeing the beauties of nature.
    Have a wonderful Sunday:)

  10. @ Arti :
    Thank you so much for your visit and for the lovely words of appreciation.
    Warm wishes to you ...

  11. what a quality mam ...what lines ...beautiful(even though some were difficult to comprehend for me)
    but it made me think.

  12. @ A guilty conscience :
    Thanks for your kind words and for visiting this space

  13. Lovely flowers n wonderful poem totally enjoying reading it!!!!

  14. A beautiful composition. There is a sort of divinity in those colors.