Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Xutuli Pitha

              Xutuli Pitha is one of the lesser known pithas of Assam, a very tasty and quite easy to make.

The name Xutuli is derived from a traditional musical instrument of Assam, of the same name made of clay or stump of a bamboo tree.
A few Assamese terminologies:
Bora Saool: a variety of rice, which turns sticky when cooked.
Goor: jaggery
Teel: sesame seed
To make around 20 Xutuli Pithas you need:

                                           1/2 kg Bora Saool

                                                                 250gm Teel

                                            200gm Goor

250 ml Oil. I have used refined vegetable oil, but I grew up watching my Aaita(Grand mom) using only Mustard oil for frying pithas.
Wash Bora Saool, drain and spread to dry for about an hour. Do not soak, as it will make the rice sticky.

                                     Grind Bora Sa00l to a fine powder.
                                     Rinse Teel thoroughly ...
                  Rub vigorously while wet and let dry for some time, the skin will fall off. ....

                                        Roast this cleaned Teel a little and crush to make a coarse powder.

            Mix with Goor, leaving 2 or 3 tblsps Goor to add to the dough. This is the stuffing of the pitha.

                      To make the dough, mix the Goor that was kept aside with 1/2 cup water and strain.

                                                   Pour this to the powdered Bora Saool and knead well....

                               ...add little more water if necessary while kneading to make a soft dough.

                                             Take a little dough on your palm, make a ball and flatten it.

                                                                Spread 1or2 tsps of the Teel+Goor filling .....

                                              ...and fold it, sealing it well by pressing with your fingers. 

Make the Xutulies and keep ready for frying as it tastes best piping hot, hence, fry only before serving.

          Heat oil and deep fry the Xutulies in medium heat, turning gently, till they are a golden brown. 

                                                                       Yummy Xutuli Pitha is ready.


  1. Sounds so delicious. Will have to try to make some. Thanks for the recipe

  2. My pleasure Luki, do try, it tastes awesome.

  3. Ruprekha,

    I am lodging a protest. You keep telling about and showing such delicious items without letting me taste it.

    Take care

  4. @ Jack :
    You are most welcome to taste all these and more from my kitchen Jack. Do make a trip sometime to this part of the country, I'm sure you would love.

  5. Ruprekha,

    Thanks for the invitation. Please do let me know where, my id is

    and you are most welcome to visit us whenever you are in Delhi.

    Take care

  6. looks delicious!

  7. I love pithas. This one I was not aware of.

  8. @ gigihawaii :
    Thanks :) Xutuli pitha tastes awesome !

  9. @ Onkar :
    Yes, pithas indeed taste great! This particular one is a lesser known pitha, not known to many even here.

  10. From the ingredients which go to make the Pitha, I am sure it would be delicious.

    1. Yes it is Mr. Subramanian :)
      Thanks a lot for visiting my space.

  11. I love this pitha,my wife makes for me :)

    1. Wow... lucky you Pranoy :)
      Thanks for dropping by.

  12. Nice one .. and the name is very attractive too what exactly is Bora Saool a kind of rice..? not available here can we use the regular rice.?

    1. Thank you SADASHIVA.
      Bora Saool is sticky rice, can be eaten boiled with milk, cream etc too. You can use the regular rice but taste will definitely differ.
      Do check this

  13. Pitha thanda hone por kha sakte hai kitne din tak rak sakte hai