Sunday, 26 May 2013

Narikolor Poor Diya Bhoja Pitha

This is an Assamese Pitha of which I could never find a proper name. It is called by many names such as, 'Ordho Chandra Pitha', 'Joon Pitha', 'Na Joon Pitha', 'Joon Biri', 'Puli Pitha', 'Poor Diya Pitha', Bhoja Chandra', 'Bhoja Pitha', 'Bhoja Narikolor Pitha' and in lower Assam, 'Peraki'. But the best one I have ever heard is 'Kanmusori Pitha'. So, I finally decided to name it "Narikolor poor diya Bhoja Pitha", which means a fried Pitha with coconut filling.
This sweetmeat is made in almost all parts of the country. Its wonderful to know the names by which it is known at different places. In South it is called 'Sweet Samosa' or 'Thenga Samosa' (Thenga=Coconut), 'Gujhia', in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In Maharashtra it is called 'Karanji' and in Goa, 'Nevris'.

Grated coconut
Ingredients : This amount makes 20 Pithas
                             For the filling :
                             1/2 coconut, grated
                             few cardamoms
                             1/2 cup sugar

                             For the dough (cover) :
                             2 cups flour
                             3 tbsp ghee or refine oil
                             little water

                             For frying :
                             1/2 ltr refine oil
Method : Mix all the ingredients for filling and roast on low heat.

When done keep aside. 
Knead flour and refine oil well. Add little water at a time and keep kneading till the dough is soft. 
Make 20 equal portions. 

Method of shaping the Pitha, follow the above picture anti clock wise.
Roll out like puri, put little filling on it, fold and press the sides so that the filling can not come out. Now press the edges giving a twist with your finger. This gives the beautiful frilly edged look. 

Shape the Pithas and keep aside. 
Heat oil and deep fry the Pithas 3 or 4 at a time in medium heat till they are golden brown. 

This Pitha can be stored for a week. Serve them warm if you like, by heating for a minute in micro wave oven. 


  1. Something like a sweet samosa with coconut filling.Am drooling!!!

  2. Looks Yummy!! Lovely pictures.

  3. Nice recipe, I always wanted to try this dish,now I think I will make it.

    1. Thanks Rama. Yes tastes awesome, do try