Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Babori Xaak aru Haah Koni

Babori xaak : Chrysanthemum coronarium (Crown daisy)
Assamese terminology :
1. Xaak : herb, leafy vegetable
2. Haah koni : egg of duck
3. Aru : and

Babori xaak is a very popular edible herb in Assam. During  Bhogali Bihu, in the month of January, the most common preparation  of this xaak is "Babori xaak with haah-koni". Apart from the taste, this herb has several medicinal values as well.

500 gm Babori xaak, cleaned and chopped.

1 tbsp mustard oil
1 clove of garlic (panchfuran can be used if you find the flavour of garlic too strong)
Chilly and salt to taste
2 duck eggs
          Method : 

                                               Heat oil and saute crushed garlic and a chilly.

                                    Put in the chopped xaak, salt and cook covered on low heat till done.

                                  Break the eggs and pour in stirring all the while till well blended. 

Babori xaak with haahor koni is ready to serve. 


  1. The pictures are so colourful! The leaves look like coriander leaves, but I know it is not!

    Anyway, learnt a new recipe. Might try it one day, Thank you, Ruprekha!

  2. Nutritious and healthy! I wonder what is it called in Hindi/English! Google wasn't helpful! :)

  3. @ Sandhya :
    Thanks a lot for checking Sandhya.

  4. @ Shilpa :
    In English it's called the 'Crown Daisy', has lovely flowers.

  5. Ruprekha,

    I will have to taste it first to say anything.

    Take care

  6. Babori Xaak aru Haah Koni - sounds so exotic. I am sure it tastes fabulous too

  7. @ R.Ramakrishnan :
    Yes it does taste fabulous. There are so many exotic herbs and vegetables in this part of the country where I live. I'm trying to find out one by one, cook, taste and share it here on my space.

  8. @ Jack :
    Thanks for visiting.
    I too hadn't tasted it before, but my quest for facts about indigenous herbs and vegetables led me to some exotic findings over the years. Would love to share more on this space.

  9. I can go with it. The period is also appropriate.

    1. :) Yes please do.... Thanks fro checking.

  10. Ummmm - mazing !!...I wish I could join you in your research... it takes a lot to make such eclectic presentation as evident on your blog. Myself is a BIG Foodie as well