Monday, 23 March 2015

Loochi for breakfast

Ah, the joy of taking a few days off after a big successful event at work place. And what can be more relaxing than to have an intense affair with the kitchen!
Here is my first date ... a breakfast platter. Everything is fair in love and cooking, no calories counted 
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Loochi (Poori), scrambled egg and Kothal (jackfruit) sabji. Loochi is favourite of the Assamese. Goes well with any sabji, meat curry, halwa or kheer. Loochi is normally preferred exactly like the above pictures, pale fried.

Kothal (Jackfruit) sabji :

Ingredient :
1. One small tender Kothal, around 500g. Peeled and cubed.
2. 3 medium potatoes, peeled and halved 
3. Paste of : 2 medium onions+6 to 8 pods garlic+little ginger
4. Dry ground masala : 1 tsp each garam masala, jeera, dhania, chilly of course to taste
5. Salt to taste
6. Half a tsp turmeric
7. A few bay leaves
8. 3 to 4 tbsp mustard oil

Tender Jackfruits

Method :
Blanch the cubed kothal, leave aside.
Add salt, turmeric to potatoes and stir fry a little, keep aside. Accordingly fry kothal adding salt, turmeric and keep aside.
Heat oil, put in bay leaves, fry wet paste a little, add dry masala, salt, turmeric. 
Add kothal and potatoes when the masala turns pale brown. Keep frying for a while. 
Add water, cover and cook till done.

Loochis are wonderful with any accompaniment like fried potatoes, daal, halwa, kheer  etc .

Any curry or sabji can be a good accompaniment to Loochis


  1. When I was in Kolkata one of my favourite dish is Luchi with Cholar(chana)dal.When served hot ,it would be very delicious.

    1. Yes, absolutely! I too love loochi with cholar daal. These puffies are really wonderful, to have with kheer too.
      Thank you ....

  2. Outstanding blog!! Bookmarked! :)

    Followed your recipes and cooked chicken with koldil for lunch.. It turned out very Delicious.. Had with joha rice ;)

    1. Oh thank you so much.
      I'm so glad you like the recipes :) Do keep visiting, cooking, enjoying. Please point out the flaws. I always look forward to suggestions.